• Tired of settling in your career when you know you deserve more? •

Ready to break out of your comfort zone and see where your potential can take you?

I’m here to help you not settle for safe and live your best life professionally.


I'm on a mission to help millennials turn their dreams into careers that will allow them to live life on their own terms. My work is centered at the intersection of self-discovery, career empowerment and life visioning.

I founded my company Byrd Career Consulting, which has provided career development coaching and resources to 800 + professionals in over 30 industries within the US and internationally. My clients have increased their salaries combined over $3 million, landing jobs at top companies such as LinkedIn, Google, Amazon, KPMG, E&Y, Salesforce, Department of Homeland Security and more.

I'm passionate about helping working professionals + entrepreneurs step into their greatness by finding their calling, gaining clarity and building their confidence to take it to the next level.

I help my clients discover a life and career that fulfills them, one they wake up each day excited to live! I’m not here to help those that are looking for a job that simply pays the bills, but a career where they find peace, happiness, fulfillment, passion and purpose.


Ready to pursue your dreams and turn your passion into a career?



Career Coaching

For Working professionals, Managers, and Executives that are actively seeking employment and/or ready to change careers.


Business Coaching

For Side-hustlers, full time entrepreneurs, creatives and freelancers that are ready to take it to the next level in launching or growing a business.



Available to serve your organization with topics delivered in keynotes, workshops, seminars, online learning and group coaching.

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What Clients Say…

"I landed a marketing role at one of the top technology companies in the world with a $50K increase! I was honestly feeling very stuck prior to working with Latesha. I was getting interviews, but I wasn't getting offers. After working with Latesha I felt a lot more confident in what I was bringing to the table and polished in my ability to draw parallels between my overall experience and the qualifications of the jobs I was seeking."




• My Top Tips on Personal Branding, Career Development and Entrepreneurship•